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Tuesday, 26 November 2019




No matter where you go, No matter how much people earn, No matter what their political systems are; the hands of corruption are to found everywhere. In many ways it seems that corruption is the norm and not an exception. Corruption has become a way of life. In a nutshell, corruption is a very big and a powerful idea which harms the society. On a daily basis people die at hospitals because they don't have enough money to afford medication, schools collapse because building regulations are not respected or school are not even built in the first place because the funds mysteriously disappear.

Many new initiatives are coming from around the world to free the society from the deadly hands of corruption. These initiatives can range from international conventions to criminal court systems etc. These initiatives helps to create a world which is more transparent and more accountable.

Corruption takes birth in society when it's citizens fails to believe that the nation is a common property of all it's citizens and future generations. Corruption is one of the greatest evil which shakes the backbone of any society.

It starts at a personal level, often with a small isolated act. Slowly it gets converted into a habit of individual and when others starts copying it becomes a systematic corruption, that can seriously harm the nation. There can be many forms of corruption such as bribe, black-marketing and deliberately enhancing prices of products etc. It is a corrosion that slowly eats away a society like a rust on an Iron bridge; the bridge does not fell immediately but when it does, it is irrepairable.

Corruption is an opportunity for those who want to make money at any cost. Corruption involves the misuse of public power by elected politicians for their private advantage. Corruption is increasing in countries because their is a very strong link between officials, politicians and criminals which are making their country weak and vulnerable.

Corruption is rampant in all spheres of life in our society; whether it comes to defence deals of nations to contracts of land mining. Billion dollars of black money gets stashed in Swiss banks in seconds, corruption is eating the vitals of the country. And that is the real reason why the common man on streets is afraid of police, the sales tax office, the mining mafia and so on. The most dangerous face of this menace is reflected between a corrupt politician and a corrupt bureaucrat.

Increase in corruption levels can reduce foreign investments per capita. Corruption can also discourage people from paying taxes, when they perceive that their taxes are going into wrong pockets. This simply means less money for government to invest in industrial sector which is crucial for economic growth. Today corruption has spread it's roots from education to sports, from politics to business. Corruption has become a part of all the imaginable fields in the country.

As per me, the root cause behind increasing levels of corruption are:


Greed is the supreme cause of corruption. People often become corrupt because of their insatiable greed for easy money. Newspapers are full of scams worth crore of rupees. And finally, one's extreme attachment to one's family makes one often feel that one has to earn enough for children and grandchildren.


Citizens should feel free to complain against top officials of government department for corruption charges. Society should never tolerate amassing of wealth by any method, right or wrong.

The monster of corruption has spread it's tentacles in all walks of life. The louder the noise against the evil of corruption, the wider the tentacles it spreads as if with a retribution.

If democracy has to survive, the middle class value of moral principles have to be sustained. If each one of us refuses to offer bribes, however small, corrupt officials will have to back down eventually and then only this vicious circle can be broken.

Here are some ways to fight against Corruption?


Empowering Media is a top priority to fight back Corruption. Politicians and government officials should be well aware of the fact that they are always under the eyes of common people.


People should be severely punished for involving in corrupt activities. People should be aware of the harsh punishments they have to face if they involve in Corruption.


Keeping in view about the problems of increasing population, special courts should be set up for fast approval of pending corrupt matters.


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