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Mobile Phones


Mobile phones as we all know has become a daily part of our lifestyle. There is no person in this world who is not familiar with mobiles. They have become a part of our lifestyle. Infact, there is much more information in our phones rather than our personal diaries. This information can range from our heart beat in fitness apps to our daily choices of lifestyle including foods, shelter etc, from our friends to relatives, from saved passwords of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc to our details of Bank Accounts. 

The trend of Newspapers has become outdated. Mobile phones can keep you update with latest news irrespective of your location and time of day. Newspaper manufacturing requires labour, paper, ink, electricity etc which is quite costlier as compared to newsfeed section of Mobile Phones. One more advantage of Mobile phones over Newspaper is that it can get you updated with your favourite topics instantly at your couch.



No matter where you go, No matter how much people earn, No matter what their political systems are; the hands of corruption are to found everywhere. In many ways it seems that corruption is the norm and not an exception. Corruption has become a way of life. In a nutshell, corruption is a very big and a powerful idea which harms the society. On a daily basis people die at hospitals because they don't have enough money to afford medication, schools collapse because building regulations are not respected or school are not even built in the first place because the funds mysteriously disappear.

Many new initiatives are coming from around the world to free the society from the deadly hands of corruption. These initiatives can range from international conventions to criminal court systems etc. These initiatives helps to create a world which is more transparent and more accountable.

Corruption takes birth in society when it's citizens fails to believe that the nation is a comm…

TOMATO - The Wonder Fruit


Whenever you see or think of Tomatoes, what ideas come to your mind? Whether, it is a fruit or vegetable? It's skin, flesh, pulp, seeds are used in various different sectors. As you read along this article, you will find out how useful they are for the Mankind.


Tomatoes hold beauty around the world in terms of their Nutritional content and applications in different fields. Tomatoes are rich in Enzymes, Minerals, Vitamins, Anti-Oxidants (Lycopene), which makes it even more beneficial for Mankind. These Anti-Oxidants actually helps in fighting free radicals which enters our body via  smoking or Pollution in our Environment, alcohol and sugary stuff's in our diet. Eating Tomatoes helps to balance anti-oxidants in body.

Tomato, an easily available fruit of daily use is also used as salad. Tomato is used to make the Vegetables tastier and to prepare nice meat. It is full of medicinal properties and it is a handy home remedy too.

According to…



The term "Environment" can be defined as a structural and functional unit of the biosphere, consisting of living organisms and Non-living environment. Environment comprises of a self-supporting system, which maintains a steady continuous energy flow among the food chains.
Today, Environmental pollution threatens the very existence of the whole world. 

If environment pollution is not checked immediately, we may see irreversible changes on Earth like drastic changes in climates and the crop cycle, frequent changes in weather conditions and what not. Human science and technology departments do not have ways and means to save Mankind from disasters that are only waiting to happen.

The need of the hour is to rethink our industrial policies and plan afresh our habitation with emphasis on lightening burden on natural resources through reduction in population and judicious use of available resources. Deforestation should be stopped and reckless comb…



Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breed in the whole world. These dogs are emotionally attached to their owners. Labradors have Water-resistant double coat which keeps them well insulated in cold water. They are quite good runners and hence they are known for their sprinting ability. They can acquire a great speed of 12 Miles/Hours in just 3 seconds. Their coat colour can be brown, white or chocolate brown as per genetics.

Fisherman use this dog breed to catch fish and carry fishing equipments from one place to another. They can be trained to identify the early stages of cancer in patients. They come under the category of family and guide dog because of their friendly nature. They are also used as Bomb-sniffers.

Labradors are highly intelligent, gentle, trusting, tempered, kind and have very friendly nature. Their lifespan can vary from 10-14 years. They are quite intelligent dogs and can easily pass basic training.

Some things to remember before      buying Labra…

The Kohinoor Diamond

The Kohinoor Diamond

In India, there was some such legacy in the sense of gratification and objectification, which was not only valuable but also used to describe the creation and affinity of India in that period.

"The Era of 16th Century"
The mines of South Africa and Brazil were not discovered in 16th Century. India was famous for its Golconda Mine ( Andhra Pradesh, India) in terms of diamonds. Most of the diamonds discovered from these mines are adding beauty to the foreign museums. The famous old, precious Kohinoor Diamond was also discovered from this mine. The description of this diamond can also be found in ancient Sanskrit books. According to traditional hindi scripts, this diamond can curse the man wearing it, hence it should always be wore by women.


Kohinoor diamond was the oldest diamond in 1304 under the authority of the king  of Malwa. In the year 1339, this diamond was kept in the city of Samarkand for quite some time.

In 14th century, the diamond reached the…